Each of us has a particular vision, a unique way of seeing, of experiencing this world we share.  Southwestern League of Fine Arts is a group of artists, united to encourage the persistence of vision in an ordinary world.

To do that, we continue to develop our talents: we have monthly meetings with guest speakers or demonstrators, competitions or discussions: we share our growth as serious artists.

The result is art.  Vision communicated.  Our styles are different because we are different from one another.  Each of us has that sensitivity – that unique, particular vision.

In 1973, eight Tucson area artists came together to form the Southwestern League of Fine Arts.  The purpose of the organization is to promote the rights, abilities and education of the artist.  It’s members consist of artists in all mediums, both amateur and professional, and it is open to adults of all ages.

A newsletter, The ARTery, is produced each month September through May. 

Although the number of members fluctuates, there are currently 45 members.  The group remains committed to its original purpose.